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NewLife PlantBooster: Soil Amendment


NewLife PlantBooster: Soil Amendment

Is a remarkable plant tonic that greatly increases crop production by enhancing plant root growth and nourishment in young plants.
Readily biodegradable and requires no decontamination or special disposal methods.
Returns contaminated soil to fertility.

*Prices include shipping within the contiguous US

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  • Neutralizes acidic soils
  • Increases nutrients available from the soil
  • Dissolves contaminants so soils can return to fertility
  • Releases accumulated fertilizer, micro, and macro-nutrients


Shake Well.

Natural, Powerful, Effective & Environmentally Safe

Certified Carcinogen Free

Safe for humans and animals. Store in a cool place. Keep tightly sealed.

Keep away from children. Good for 2 years. Best within 1 year of purchase.

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