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Independent Testing

NewLife PlantBooster:

Proven in the laboratory and in the field to:

  • Increase photosynthesis in plants
  • Increase plant stamina, energy, and sugar content (BRIX scores)
  • Increase disease tolerance and insect resistant

Tests vs. Control Research
Proven Results

  • Increased crop yield to 200-625% or more in saleable and feed yields
  • Increased quality, taste, insect, and disease resistance
  • Reduced the range of stress factors on the plants to increase growth
  • Shortened seed to harvest growth
  • Increased Brix scores (sugar content) with the related benefits
  • Reduced the need for insecticides so fewer chemicals were introduced into the ecosystem
  • Protected against the freeze and frost conditions (up to minus 3 degrees Celsius / 27 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Allowed the plants to utilize scarce resources better
  • Survived longer in drought, low water conditions, and the challenging environment
  • Released nutrients and minerals sequestered in the soil
  • Increased resistance to disease and insects such as red mites, white flies, aphids, and others
  • Increased the efficiency of applied fertilizers
  • Replaced purchases of numerous other products

Argentina Bahia and Common Bermuda
Field Study Results

The total volume harvested on the test plots was 625% of the Control.

  • Increased moisture content by 32%
  • Increased digestible proteins by 8% (identical testing volume)
  • Increased total nutrients by 5% (identical testing volume)
  • Increased volume by 3 to 6 times or even more
  • Increased Brix scores (sugar content)
  • Increased insect resistance