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NewLife PlantBooster

Increase Profits and Save Money
Increases efficiency of resources — water, fertilizer, nutrients:
* Less harmful insects
* Less chemicals
* Less wasted fertilizers
* Less diseases
Reduces cost by increasing the efficiency of resources


  • Higher yields, quality, and profitability in your bottom-line
  • The farmer, grower, and rancher have bigger, tastier, and more nutritious crops and animals for sale
  • Provides better nutrition for livestock, in turn producing a higher quality of meat full of taste and nutrition

Tomatoes without NewLife PlantBooster

Tomatoes with NewLife PlantBooster


NewLife PlantBooster Benefits: Safety

  • Not hazardous, non-toxic – reduces the exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Safe and healthier
  • Reduces the cost of protective clothing and equipment
  • Eliminates the chance of fire, corrosion, or explosion
  • Simple to use – does not require special training

NewLife PlantBooster Benefits: Environmental

All-natural and bio-degradable
Blended from extracts of natural plantscompletely herbal
Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-combustible
Non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non-toxic

Replaces hazardous or toxic chemicals
Does not require expensive disposal
Does not contaminate groundwater
Does not emit hazardous or illness-causing fumes

Enhances the effectiveness of fertilizers, thereby using less fertilizer
Less cost
Less chemical runoff into water sources
Less exposure to the health hazards of those products

Increases health and productivity of your crops
Revives and invigorates sick and unproductive plants
Prevents and controls fungal growth
Neutralizes ethylene gas
Destroys the bacteria that cause spoilage

Exceeds EPA standards for “Readily Biodegradable”
No known EPA, OSHA or regulatory issues

NewLife PlantBooster Benefits: Profitability

Increases yields significantly
Plants have more flowers, better and bigger fruit sizes
Crops that are tastier, healthier, and more nutritious

Increases the efficacy of applied fertilizers

Extends fruit and vegetable freshness and shelf life after harvest

Reduces fertilizer and insecticide costs
Cost competitive with other toxic products
Replaces numerous purchase orders with one product
Mixes well with insecticides and pesticides
Multiple-use product