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NewLife PlantBooster: Insect Control


NewLife PlantBooster: Insect Control

Effective pest control and environmentally safe.
Safe for animals and can be used as a wash to control insects and fungus on their hide, skin and/or hair.
Helps recovery of plants, trees, shrubs, roses, and other vegetation that have been damaged by Insects.

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  • Increases plants’ resistance against insects and diseases with no harmful chemicals
  • Increases Brix scores by 20% to 50%
    (insects cannot effectively digest sugar)
  • Promotes recovery as a result of insect damage
  • Reduces fungus, mold, scale, and buildup on plants, leaves, and trunks
  • Reduces the need for insecticides
  • Can be applied directly to most environments without concerns of toxic reaction
  • Readily biodegradable and requires no decontamination or special disposal methods


Shake Well.

Natural, Powerful, Effective & Environmentally Safe

Certified Carcinogen Free

Safe for humans and animals. Store in a cool place. Keep tightly sealed.

Keep away from children. Good for 2 years. Best within 1 year of purchase.

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