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In today’s world, there is excitement about nano-particles.
So, what are these so-called nano-particles, and what is the hype about?
Simply put, a nano-particle is any particle between the size range of 1nm to 100nm.
In comparison, human hair is approximately 80,000nm to 100,000nm wide.

At NewLife PlantBooster, we have developed a large variety of herbal and organic nano-particles that range from 1nm to 10nm. They are derived from natural plant-based sources that are herbal, all-natural, and safe. They contain ingredients that our bodies are familiar with – Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. They are food-grade, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-fuming. This herbal spray is customizable and scalable.

We, at NLPB, are committed to our values of staying true to our roots, while exploring the opportunities offered through nature. We are researching, developing, and expanding our efforts to meet the current needs and future challenges of mankind, animals, and plants.

We have (and can) develop a wide range of herbal products that answer many challenges that you may face in the fields of: Agriculture, Soil Amendment, Insect Control, Animal and Plant Care, Flora and Fauna Management, Health, Hygiene, Detoxification, Waste Management, Degreasing, and many more.

In short, NLPB is about transforming the quality of your life and overcoming globally faced challenges!

Experience the power of herbal plant-based nano-particles by browsing through our website.