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NewLife PlantBooster: Agricultural


NewLife PlantBooster: Agricultural
Is a remarkable plant tonic that greatly increases crop production by enhancing plant root growth and nourishment in young plants.

Raises the Brix Score:
A higher score harnesses unlimited energy of the sun, increasing growth, ensures earlier maturity, and improved yields and profits.

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  • Develops hardier and larger roots
  • Improves protein and nutrient absorption
  • Intensifies crop production
  • Enables faster germination and stimulates natural growth
  • Increases greater yields and profitability
  • Makes plants drought and frost resistant
  • Extends freshness and shelf life by delaying spoilage


Shake Well.

Natural, Powerful, Effective & Environmentally Safe

Certified Carcinogen Free

Safe for humans and animals. Store in a cool place. Keep tightly sealed.

Keep away from children. Good for 2 years. Best within 1 year of purchase.

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