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Helping Farmers, Ranchers, &
Backyard Gardeners
Achieve More Naturally


  • Develops hardier and larger roots
  • Improves protein and nutrient absorption
  • Intensifies crop production
  • Enables faster germination and stimulates natural growth
  • Increases greater yields and profitability
  • Makes plants drought and frost resistant
  • Extends freshness and shelf life by delaying spoilage


  • Neutralizes acidic soils
  • Increases nutrients available from the soil
  • Dissolves contaminants so soils can return to fertility
  • Releases accumulated fertilizer, and nutrients


  • Increases plants’ resistance against insects and diseases with no harmful chemicals
  • Increases Brix scores by 20% to 50%
    (insects cannot effectively digest sugar)
  • Promotes recovery as a result of insect damage
  • Reduces fungus, mold, scale, and buildup on plants, leaves, and trunks
  • Reduces the need for insecticides

What is NewLife PlantBooster?

  • NewLife PlantBooster is engineered to allow nutrients from the soil and applied fertilizers to be absorbed
    into the plant to reach its genetic potential.
  • NewLife PlantBooster is designed to minimize the environmental pressures from insects, various weather
    conditions, fungi, and diseases in order to reach its genetic potential.
  • NewLife PlantBooster is infused with a Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction technology, called CIMR, a
    patent-pending technology (thereby energizing our products to be effective for you).
  • NewLife PlantBooster provides protection against germs, viruses, mold, and fungi that endanger plants and
  • NewLife PlantBooster is a highly effective plant fertilizer booster that intensifies crop production,
    accelerates plant growth, increases yield, and produces healthier crops, both in protein and higher nutrient

To Our Customers

NewLife PlantBooster is designed for ranchers, farmers,
producers, and backyard gardeners looking to raise nutrient-rich products. With this product, your plants and
animals will thrive by growing healthier and faster and will be more nutritious
Here at NewLife
PlantBooster, we will assist in achieving your goals of raising the best crops and animals possible
customers have become friends and trusted partners, who give us feedback on their achievements while using NewLife

Start today and let us celebrate together as you become successful, reach
greater profits, and change the world by growing nutritious products.

Chad Roy

30 year Moisture Control & Biological Containment Specialist

Chad’s Cell: 802.535.6360