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Kathryn Hamm

Winter Ryegrass

Left photo taken 12.08.22Crop: Winter Ryegrass Used fertilizer, calcium, and plant booster 500 lbs to the acre.Cows have been eating on the field all season… Read More »Winter Ryegrass


Crop:Hay, baled from the edge of non-treated field Used only fertilizer (not treated with PB) 300 lbs to the acre.1 & 1/4 inches of rain… Read More »Hay


Crop: OkraNon-Treated Okra (left)Treated Okra (right)


Crop: CornNon-Treated Field Crop: CornTreated Field Crop: CornTreated Field


Crop: CucumberNon-Treated Crop: CucumberTreated Crop: CucumberTreated

Gerbera (Daisy)

Gerbera is also known as a Daisy flower. Crop: GerberaNon-Treated Crop: GerberaTreated


Crop: TomatoBefore: dried out, dying tomato plant Crop: Tomato1st Application: plant gradually begins to flower Crop: Tomato2nd Application: plant is growing and doing better Crop:… Read More »Tomato


Mr. Ajit Ingale Crop: CottonNon-Treated plant, little to non buds at all Crop: CottonTreated plant, notice the purple blooms Crop: CottonNon-Treated plant, before spraying Crop:… Read More »Cotton


Mr. Pandurang Yadav Crop: GingerTreated: row of ginger plants Crop: GingerTreated: ginger root ball Crop: GingerTreated: Digging up the ginger roots Crop: GingerTreated: Final picture… Read More »Ginger